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A marketing campaign to help transform the brand of a local business

At a Glance


1 Day


Yifei Liu, Sandeep Pal, Safei Gu, Pratik Nadagouda, Michelle Carney, and Liz Lee

My Role

Design Thinking & Graphic Design

The Challenge

The CMYK Designathon is an annual one-day design competion for UC Berkeley students; this year’s contest challenged participants to transform the brand of a local business: community stalwart Games of Berkeley. Games of Berkeley is one of the oldest tabletop game stores in the Bay Area. After three decades in downtown Berkeley, the store planned to move to a new location closer to the Cal campus, and was seeking marketing strategies to attract new customers while keeping old ones. In particular, the store wanted to brand itself as community hangout, with a gathering space and a full range of gaming events.

The Solution

We designed a marketing campaign that included posters, folded-paper “fortune-teller”, and deck of playing cards to help transform the brand of the store. Our design targeted Cal students as the primary user group.


First-place prize and “Illustration Wizard” award for the best-quality designs, 2016 CMYK Designathon, UC Berkeley

Design Process

Empathy Map

We started with a deeper understanding of the store’s values and how they fit in with those of the surrounding community. We focused on what is the essence of the Berkeley experience. We did several user interviews and discovered that the core values of the store — of that little quirky, weird, expressive vibe — are actually very representative of the Berkeley that we know as Cal students.

We used empathy map to understand the store's primary users.

We created a primary user persona. Laura Mipsum is a freshman at Berkeley who is a little introverted but loves board games. She believes D&D shouldn’t be only for boys. So she wants to find a comfortable spot where she make new friends, hang out, and even show her family when they come to visit that this is the true essence of Berkeley.

We created a persona that represents our primary customers - Cal students

By presenting our ideas to the owner of Games of Berkeley and the judges of CMYK Designathon, we iterated our prototypes based on better understanding of our customer.

Work at CMYK
Work at CMYK
Our team at work during the CMYK Designathon

Final Design


We designed a pair of one-page posters that could be distributed around campus, with games or crossword puzzles to make them interactive. Solving the puzzles would give the user a promocode to UberEATS whenever they deliver to the new Games of Berkeley Address, encouraging students to stay longer and making this a "Stay and Play" hangout spot.

CMYK Posters
CMYK Posters
The posters are designed with Berkeley-themed puzzles.

We created a low fidelity prototype of a whimsical folded-paper “fortune-teller” with a variety of reasons that people should visit the new store.

CMYK Origami
CMYK Origami
CMYK Origami
The inside has some fun facts about Games of Berkeley.
Deck of Cards

Finally, we designed a Games of Berkeley–themed deck of playing cards with icons representating the variety of games and activities at Games of Berkeley, along with store’s new address on the back of the cards.

CMYK Deck of Cards
Each card has an icon of a themed activity at Games of Berkeley.


Tools & Methods
  • Empathy Map
  • Persona
  • Low-fidelity & high-fidelity Prototyping
  • Adobe Illustrator + Adobe Photoshop + Google Slides

Our project was awarded the first-place prize and the “Illustration Wizard” award for the best-quality designs in the 2016 CMYK Designathon. Berkeley residents might see the students’ work in the wild over the next few months, as the game store takes advantage of the winning designs to market its new location.

winners at CMYK
Our team with the judges and the owner of Games of Berkeley
winners at CMYK
Showing off our prizes at the CMYK Designathon

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