Engaging Salespeople

A conceptual awards system to improve the engagement of sales users in their Lightning experience

At a Glance


3 Months


Yifei Liu

My Role

User Research & Interaction Design

The Challenge

For years enterprise cloud applications are valued as the "system of record". Salesforce is a good example: every sales person knows that if it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn't exist. Now that we enter a new era where storing data in the cloud is cheap and ubiquitous, enterprise applications try to mimic consumer companies by transforming from "systems of record" into "systems of engagement" to increase user adoption. During my internship at Salesforce, I was tasked with creating a vision and design concepts for stronger engagement in their sales product.

The Solution

I proposed a rewards system based on extensive user research and iterative design process. I also crafted an end-to-end sales journey map as a unique and comprehensive user-centered knowledge asset and reference for the Sales Cloud team to empathesize with salespeople.

Design Process

Journey Mapping Interviews

Emotions play a big role in my research. I want to understand how salespeople feel, so I can understand how to engage them. I interviewed 20 salespeople within Salesforce. I gave them white papers and post-it notes to draw and write down their emotional experience during a sales cycle.

Journey Mapping Interviews
Journey Mapping Interviews
User interviews at Salesforce West Cafe

Some keywords of their emotions emerged from the interviews such as frustrated, excited, anxious, etc.

Key Findings

Salespeople's Journey Map

Emotional Complexity

They experience similar excitements and frustrations at some parts of the journey, but sometimes, their feelings differ from time to time.

Anxiety before the Dawn

Sales people are experiencing more intense emotions and stronger feelings towards the end of the sales journey.

Sales Journey Map
A Bird's-Eye View of Sales Journey Map

Design Concept

Awards System
A comprehensive awards system can address salespeople's emotional highs and lows.

Design Opportunity

How Might We Transform Their Anxiety into Actions?

Salespeople feel anxious during the negotiation process. It could be long and ambiguous. How might we give them motivations to race to the finish line?

Senario 1: Overcome the Fear of Failure
transforming anxiety into actions
Why Salespeople Feel Anxious and How We Might Help Them

Design Opportunity

How Might We Celebrate and Recognize Salespeople's Achievements?

Salespeople celebrate and are recognized for bringing big deals. What if we can make the celebration as a part of their end-to-end app experience?

Celebration and Recognition
Why Salespeople Need Celebration and How We Might Help
Senario 2: Bringing Big Deals in a Month
User Flow Of Celebration
User Journey of Celebration

Final Design

overdue task
A task is overdue for more than a week.
overdue task
A coaching tooltip prompts the user to take action.
overdue task
Once the user completes the action, a badge is awarded.
overdue task
Learn how to get each award, and people who have earned it.
overdue task
Awards are displayed on users' profile page as their identities.
overdue task
Their team members are also notified.
overdue task
An awards page where users can see all awards.
overdue task
Learn how to get each award and who have earned it.


  • Transformed a vision into strategic design concepts to increase user engagement in the Sales Cloud product
  • Used extensive user research, ideation, and an iterative design process to hone high-impact design opportunities
  • Crafted an end-to-end sales journey map as a unique user-centered knowledge asset for the team
What I've Learned
  • Take customization and scalability into account
  • Timing is important in engagement
  • A lot of pilots and testings to make it right